Monday, May 30, 2005

Space Viking- H. Beam Piper

This book was written in 1963. It is currently out of print. The story is about the private war between Prince Lucas Trask and Andray Dunnan, Nephew of King Angus I of Gram and is a pretender to the throne. Andray Dunnan murders Prince Trask's wife on their wedding day and Trask equips the ship "Nemesis" to go after him. He makes alliance with Prince Simon Bentrick, Crown Prince of Marduk after rescuing him from certain death at the hands of Dunnan and his cohort. To find out more of this sweeping story set against the backdrop of a rise from barbarism after the fall of the "Old Empire", and the political fallout of Prince Trask's vendetta, You will have to find a copy of the book! Believe me, it's worth the hunt!

Rating: @@@@@


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