Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Time Traders- Andre Norton

Book one of the Time Trader series, The Time Traders is vintage science fiction. Andre Norton passed away March 17, 2005. we will miss her. This book is an excellent read with the story revolving around two main characters, Dr. Gordon Ashe; an Archeaologist, and Ross Murdock, a small time criminal. Murdock is offered a chance to work for the government in a secret project to go back in time and infiltrate primitive societies as a "Beaker Trader" looking for an alien technology source that the Russians are tapping into to win the technology race with the USA. The story is a bit dated politically, but is a wonderful read. I would encourage all fans to revisit Andre Nortons books and if you haven't read her work( What rock have you been hiding under?EVIL GRIN) I would definately encourage you to check her work out!



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