Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Review; Uncle John; A Commercial Mortgage Broker

Well, let me see. I'm not normally called on to review a College Paper. Science Fiction novels are more my thing. I did, however, get several things from this paper. I saw the human side of John a lot more clearly than I ever had before. I never really knew much about my uncle on the business side and on the personal side, we had been estranged by circumstances in my profession of long haul trucker at that time.

This paper would best serve a biographer in getting a feel for John as it touches on both his business persona and personal, private side. It shows John in his safe zone where he is relaxed and open. The paper also gives an idea how he progresses from his roots in the insurance industry to his present position as CEO of an economic powerhouse in Real Estate and Mortgages.

The entire paper is basically an info dump as the subject will probably be unfamiliar to 99% of the people who might read it. It is all background information basically. Interestingly enough though, the paper might be extremely useful to someone getting ready to interview with John for a job, for example: or as background in selecting him to represent you in your endeavor to acquire capital for your project.

Review: +++++