Thursday, June 30, 2005

With the Lightnings- David Drake

This is the Beginning of the story of Lt. Leary and Adele Mundy of the Royal Cinnibar Navy. Reminiscent of an Aubrey or Hornblower story, it is set on Kostroma. Kostroma is invaded by the Alliance and the story takes off! Lt Leary and Adele Mundy, who is a Cinnibar expatriot are trapped behind enemy lines and have to fight to survive. This is a well crafted story, written by a skilled storyteller. I highly recommend this book!

RATING- @@@@@

Moonfall- Jack McDevit

A comet is going to collide with the moon! On the moon is among others, the Vice President of the United States! He is there to "Cut the Ribbon" for the grand opening of the Moonbase. The comet is moving fast enough that it might shatter the moon! This is a blisteringly fastpaced book that I literally read in one sitting. It has it all! It has high drama, suspense, intrigue and politics galore; wrapped up in a fantastic story of honor and heroism.

RATING- @@@@@

Thursday, June 09, 2005

March to the Stars- David Weber and John Ringo

Prince Roger is at it again! No longer a spoiled fop, Prince Roger, his Marines and their Allies must take the spaceport or fail utterly. There are other considerations as well! It seems that there was a coup d'etat and the Empire of Man is in extreme danger! Fortunately, Roger has become a capable and deadly commander and soldier, even if he does give his bodyguards fits! Will Roger and his allies survive? I highly recommend this collaberation between David Weber and John Ringo as well as the first two books in the series, "March Upcountry" and "March to the Sea"!

Rating: @@@@@